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Sorcerers & Dragons

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Since your city has developed and is now using Mana regularly, the Sorcerers have picked up on your newly gained powers. Their magic finds its source in Mana and, with the big waves of this powerful force coming from your city now, the Sorcerers found their way to your city and want to share their knowledge with you. The most advanced Sorcerers of the three magic disciplines have decided to found a university in your city to help your people gain more knowledge about Mana and other forms of magic.

The Woodelves, who have finally cleaned up after the Orcs & Goblins, are not keen on this project as their use of Mana is founded in harmony with nature. Because of this, the Woodelves will bid their farewell and leave your city for good as they don't believe you should interfere in the natural balance of nature.

By letting the most advanced Sorcerers found their university, they will be able dig deeper into the meanings and uses of Mana. You will help them found faculties of each branch of the magic disciplines, which will give them the foundation for all their studies and education of new Sorcerers. Beware though, it is not all without danger! Although the experiments might be hazardous, they produce some fine graduates who will aid you in the developing of your city.

You should always remember that this knowledge doesn't come cheap and is severely dangerous in unlearned hands. The Vallorian Guard is the ancient order who have been protecting Elvenars universities for ages, they will lend you a hand in order to help you protect your new found knowledge.

Sorcerers & Dragons Buildings

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Esoterie Faculteit

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Alchemie Faculteit

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Dodenbezweerders Faculteit