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Province Units

At first, the types of units you will find on the Provinces depends largely on the type of Province. However, as you explore the Provinces further from your city, you will find greater variation and more complex combinations of units. And remember: Units from both races will also appear on Provinces.

Province Units Information
Unit Type Class Description Provinces
Thief Light Melee Thieves are flexible and agile melee fighters. Planks Scrolls Silk
Bandit Short Ranged Bandits usually try to hide and use their wits to neutralize even the strongest enemy. Steel Scrolls Silk Gems
War Dog Light Melee War dogs are deadly weapons trained to search and destroy the opponent's ranged units. Marble Crystal Scrolls Magic Dust
Orc Light Melee Orcs tend to attack without thinking too much. They are particulary feared for their deadly axe. Marble Crystal
Archer Short Ranged These dangerous ranged fighters are known to strike attack fast and hard. Planks Silk Elixir Magic Dust
Knight Heavy Melee The duty of the heavy armored Knights is to protect their land and their allies. Steel Magic Dust Gems
Steinling Heavy Ranged These blockheaded living stones are extremely resilient and hard to bring down. They love to crush heavy melee troops. Marble Elixir
Swamp Monster Heavy Melee Swamp Monsters are not the most intelligent life-forms, but they will protect allies and can deal heavy blows that will bring down many enemies. Planks
Necromancer Mage The Necromancer is able to curse enemies that makes them extremely vulnerable. Elixir Magic Dust
Mortar Heavy Ranged A mortar can attack every square on the battlefield, but its hits are quite inaccurate. Steel Silk