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Grain Field

The Grain Field produces Grain Gr6 grain.png, Carrots Gr6 carrots.png, Pumpkins Gr6 pumpkins.png and Apples Gr6 apples.png, depending on the level of the building! (This is different from what we have seen before in Elvenar)

Note: The fields are only able to produce one type resource per building level.

Gr6 01field.png


In the Farms, Magic Fertilizer is produced for the Fields they cultivate. The Grain Field, which need a direct connection to a Farm (but no street connection and no irrigation canal connection), can only produce one resource at a time. By upgrading a Grain Field, the produced resource will change. So you don't upgrade Grain Fields to improve the output, but to switch to a different resource!

Depending on the level, the Grain Field produce either Grain, Carrots, Pumpkins or Apples that can then be processed in the Farms to make Tingle Bread, Savvy Soup and Jolly Jelly.


The Grain Field doesn't require any resource to produce. Grain(level 1) or Carrots(level 2) or Pumpkins(level 3) or Apples(level 4) are produced automatically over time from the Grain Field without the need for you to give the order. You will only need to click on the building to collect the Goods and store them in the Spring Grove. The produced resource will only be available once it has been collected!

Collecting Productions


You can boost your Grain Field production by upgrading the Spring Grove in order to allow you to produce more in the same amount of time.You will know that there is a bonus given from a boost if you see a green arrow on the Goods icon.

Field collection.png

After your production is finished you will need to collect it in order to add it to your Portal storage. You will see the an icon on the top of each Grain Field matching the chosen production.


To get a Grain Field you need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree and build it via the Buildings menu, as long as you have the required resources. It needs to be adjacent to a Halfling Farm, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.


Upgrading a Grain Field to the next level does not enhance production but rather switch to a different good.


Grain Field Overview

Grain Field Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Magic Fertilizer Seeds Grain Carrots Pumpkins Apples
1 4x4 3h 28m 410 5900 108/h - - -
2 4x4 3h 41m 500 5100 - 20/h - -
3 4x4 3h 51m 590 4400 - - 3/h -
4 4x4 4h 06m 680 3600 - - - 12/h

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B Gr6 Production2 1 0009.png
B Gr6 Production2 2 0009.png
B Gr6 Production2 3 0009.png
B Gr6 Production2 4 0009.png
Press on each building level to see a bigger image.